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Unlimited is a global active consultancy organization that supports clients, from startup initiatives to multinationals businesses. We believe in and work based on our vision, mission and values. In addition we also highly consider our partners and our suppliers, supporting our business activities. We exert tremendous efforts to meet requirements of customers with the ultimately target of supporting growth and development of their business.
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March 2018 – Cairo, Egypt

Invest in Angola

By 2018, we are aiming to expand in investment sector in Africa by organizing a trade conference "Invest in Angola" with...
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16-18 FEB 2018 – Cairo, Egypt


Following the great success of the first WOODTECH exhibition...
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11-13 NOV 2017 – Damietta, Egypt

Wood tech exhibition- Damietta, Egypt

Wood-tech exhibition will be held in DAMIETTA SPORTS HALL in...
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