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Unlimited activities in trade promotion started in Ghana, Malaysia, and Indonesia 2015.
Since then Unlimited has established a key position in providing B2B services to private companies and government institutions around the world.
We have achieved positive results to build this entity; and Unlimited is now one of the leading companies in the field of exportation around the world.
Today “Unlimited” network spans over 15 countries. As we have one of the top five importer and exporter databases in the world.

B2B Matchmaking Service

Unlimited offers an effective and tailor-made Business-to-Business (B2B) Matchmaking service to businesspeople that would like to explore new business opportunities around the world..
A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed, 20 minutes are usually enough to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.
The trade fairs cover all sectors such as agriculture, food production and processing, packaging, wood/stone and metal processing, medical industry, tourism and technology related industries.
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Potential Buyers

We provide you a good Potential Buyers. ... Also advise you on how to prepare your business for sale to maximize its value to a potential buyer.
We encourage customer to buy your product, you'll sell more if you talk about your product using language your customer understands.

Choosing the right supplier

We can provide you a good supplier, help you to build a good relationship with suppliers, and work with them over the long term.